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(Video) Former MLB Outfielder Throws Out First Pitch, Shows Why He Wasn’t A Pitcher

Doug Glanville, now in the employ of ESPN, had an admirable professional career, spending nine major league seasons with Cubs, Phillies and Rangers. But yesterday before the Chicago Cubs played the Philadelphia Phillies at Wrigley field, Glanville demonstrated why not one of those teams ever asked him to pitch in a pinch.

Wearing a Cubs jersey over a dress shirt – an interesting fashion choice – Glanville took to the mound, wound up and absolutely sailed his ceremonial first pitch over the head Cubs outfielder Tony Campana and all the way back to the Wrigley’s trademark brick wall.

But hey, let’s give the guy a little credit, in light of the litany of horrible ceremonial first pitches over the years that embarrassingly get pounded right into the turf, at least Glanville’s made it to home plate in the air. That’s something. The best part is that Glanville seems quite pleased with his efforts, raising his arms in the air in triumph after airmailing the pitch. Hey, if you’re not going to take pride in what you do, what’s the point?

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