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Steve Williams Says He Lost Respect For Woods Because Of Golfer’s Whoremongering

If Tiger Woods thought his divorce from Elin was an awkward ordeal somewhat played out in a public forum, his divorce from his longtime caddie Stevie Williams could prove to be that much more uncomfortable. At least Elin kept a relatively low profile and didn’t talk much about it (other than her interview with People) during her split from the golfer. By all appearances, given the way Williams has been more than willing to comment in the past 24 hours or so upon his dismissal as Tiger’s bagman, it appears he has no intention of affording Woods that luxury by going away quietly.

Speaking to CNN affiliate Mediaworks, here’s what Williams had to say about how his admiration for Woods deteriorated due to the golfer’s dalliances with what we learned to be were merely a bunch of skanky harlots (via the New York Post):

“Well, I think when you’re great friends with somebody and a situation like this occurs, you obviously lose some kind of respect,” Williams told CNN affiliate Mediaworks.

 Williams added:

“I’ve stuck by him through and through,” Williams told 3 News. “Now he decides things aren’t going well for him, and I’m down the road, so the timing’s very disappointing.”

It is not surprising that Williams feels compelled to tell his side of the story, nor is it difficult to sympathize with the guy for feeling disappointed over his unceremonious dismissal. By all accounts, he always seemed to have Tiger’s back throughout the entire infidelity ordeal, rarely uttering even a word about it despite intense media scrutiny, so to be summarily dropped by Woods despite his loyalty, it makes sense that he feels it is his time to speak about his tenure with fallen superstar.

And Stevie has even more planned in that regard: he later alluded to his plan to write a book about his life, which would obviously include quite a bit about Tiger:

“You know, when I write my book, it’ll be the time I decide what I write,” Williams said. “It’ll just be one of those interesting chapters in the book.”

Ooh, that will certainly be a juicy chapter, to be sure. And as I mentioned above, it’s Williams’ prerogative to do so, even if that’s the last thing Tiger would want Stevie to do. Woods will just have to realize that Williams doesn’t work for him anymore and he can no longer control what he does or does not do. Sure, maybe it wasn’t the best idea for Williams to caddie for Adam Scott at the AT&T National without Tiger’s explicit consent (the proverbial “last straw” which appeared to precipitate Williams’ dismissal), but was firing him the way Tiger should have rewarded Stevie’s loyalty through it all?

As Shakespeare once wrote, “Hell hath no fury like a caddie scorned.” Okay, that’s not exactly what he wrote, but it would have been had the great playwright been a whoremongering golfer who has no qualms about callously and disloyally casting away the very people who loyally stood by him during his darkest times.

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