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Croatian Pinup Girl To Play On Men’s Pro Soccer Team In Sexy Publicity Stunt

Pictured above is Nives Celzijus, who, according to Wikipedia (where all the information gleaned from said site can be taken as gospel), is Croatian socialite, model, singer and writer (talk about a quadruple threat). She is also well known for being married to Dino Drpić, a soccer star playing Superleague Greece.

Given her, ahem, considerable “talents” off the pitch (and I’m not talking about her singing and writing – do a Google Image Search of her – nothing great, but not too shabby, either), Celzijus has just signed on to play a match for a Croatian professional men’s soccer team. From Unprofessional Foul (via Off The Bench):

Because the Croation WAG has just signed on to play with NK Slaven Belupo in the Croatian first division. (Presumably this is a men’s team as no mention of a women’s team is in the report nor can one be located on the web.) Nives, wife of Croatian international Dino Drpic, will join Slaven Belupo on Friday in a match against Zagreb FC. Reports are that Celzijus will not start but should appear in the match later on. Of course.

Brilliant! Have her sashay her way onto the pitch for a minute or two, run around and voila! Instant sexy publicity stunt. The MLS could learn a thing or two from this Euro league. Exactly what, I’m not sure, but something.

Could Female Footballers Suit Up In MLS? [Unprofessional Foul (via Off the Bench)]