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Takin’ It To The Tweets: Gilbert Arenas May Resort To Transvestism To Play Basketball

Ha! Gilbert Arenas’ tweet regarding how he would eschew traveling to parts unknown and instead would rather dress up as a woman and compete in the WNBA in order to play basketball in the U.S. is about as funny as the 2002 “romantic comedy” (seriously, Wikipedia?) portraying one man’s struggle to ensure everything is properly taped down and the wig is properly affixed so he could play roundball with the ladies while entering into a budding quasi-lesbian relationship with Vivica A. Fox…which sadly means said tweet was not really that funny. Yeah.

But hey, at least if Arenas’ gender-bending plan came to fruition, he likely wouldn’t face criminal charges for what he was secretly “packing” in the locker room, amirite?

[via @agentzeroshow]