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Jenn Sterger Shot A Pilot For Spike TV Where She Interviews Celebrities While Bowling

First, Jenn Sterger did Versus, but that show (The Daily Line) was canceled. Now, the ambitious brunette has set her sights on another basic cable channel as she desperately (and to be honest, admirably) attempts to resuscitate her stymied and compromised career after the entire Brett Favre sexting scandal. And said legitimate, professional, media-type reemergence begins on a little channel known as Spike TV.

Sterger has recently shot a pilot for something called Spike’s Spare Time, a mishmash of a show where Sterger will interview celebrities while the two engage in a bitter ball and pins battle on well-oiled lanes – bowling to the layperson.

The New York Post‘s Page Six has the inside scoop on what has to be considered a 7-10 split of a show:

It’s probably the one sport I’m pretty awesome at,” she told Page Six. “I’ve bowled since I was 6. I was in all of the youth leagues and a bunch of traveling leagues in Florida.” Back then, she told us, her average was 189, with an all-time high of 289.

Wow, 189. That’s pretty impressive. I bowled in leagues for years in my 20s and while I might have gotten close a time or two for a few week stretch, I’m pretty sure I never eclipsed that average over an extended period of time. And a high score of 289? Wowee kazowee. Are we sure she wasn’t playing Wii Bowling and was confused. Nah, she’s got a good head on her shoulders.

Still, I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m looking forward to the lovely Jenn Sterger strutting her stuff on the lanes, whipping down a wicked bender of a ball for strike upon strike on Spike while interviewing, um, I don’t know, some “celebrity.”

But seriously, I hope this latest attempt at a career resurrection goes well for Sterger. Plus, as far as unorthodox concepts for talk shows are concerned, you can’t complain with watching an attractive woman bowl. It’s not like you’re seeing late down at your local bowling alley. Those places are like damn leper colonies. Only with beer.

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