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Holy Beer Gut, Batman! Alexander Ovechkin Practically Looks Like Me!

Whoa. Would you get a gander at that girth around his gut? Unbelievable. Professional athletes in the offseason: they’re just like us! Well, just like me, except my spare tire-like beer gut is more of a year-round thing as opposed to an example of simply letting oneself go a bit during downtime, but still.

Washington Capitals superstar (and a wild and crazy party animal guy of some renown) Alexander Ovechkin recently sat down for interview (which is embedded here on the Capitals’ website) and it appears he has put on a few pounds over the last couple of months while living the high life in his homeland of Mother Russia. But can you hardly blame him? The guy is like a friggin’ rock star over there. And in Russian rock star terms, that means he’s essentially the equivalent of how popular Quiet Riot was here stateside in 1983, because that’s the band who is currently shooting up the charts over there in Moscow. Also big in Russia right now: acid-washed jeans. Sure, the Iron Curtain fell years ago, but those mad Russians are still woefully behind on all the American pop culture fads.

But that’s not what’s important right now. What matters is that Alexander Ovechkin, who is one of the most skilled and electrifying players in the NHL, has a beer gut. I have never felt like I had more in common with a professional athlete more than I do right now. Throw in the acid-washed jeans I’m wearing right now and Ovie and I are practically like twins.

[H/T D.C. Sports Bog]