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(Video) Panelist Mentions Roy Oswalt’s ‘Bulging D**k’ Instead Of His ‘Bulging Disk’

Ha. Gold.

While having a discussion on the program Daily News Live in Philly, panelist Ricky Bottalico fields a question from a fellow panelist regarding whether or not Roy Oswalt will make it back from injury this season. As it has happened on more than one occasion (Steve Levy’s epic error instantly comes to mind), the poor guy mentions Oswalt’s “bulging d**k” instead of the Philadelphia Phillies pitcher’s “bulging disk,” much to the enjoyment of not only himself but to his fellow talking heads. Good times all around. Bottalico’s facial expression when he realizes he just made a phallic verbal gaffe is fantastic.

But perhaps even better than that is the phenomenal editing job performed by @RayRay610 (via Crossing Broad via The Big Lead). That takes this already amusing video to a completely different level. Nothing bulge-worthy, but pretty good stuff nevertheless.

[H/T Crossing Broad (via The Big Lead)]