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(Video) At The Ripe Old Age Of 48, Michael Jordan Can Still Dunk A Basketball

Quite impressive. Pretty fly for an old guy, wouldn’t you say?

During a fantasy basketball camp put on by the Charlotte Bobcats, one of the camp’s attendees, a young lady, inquired of His Airness whether or not he could still throw it down. Being the die-hard competitor that Jordan was, is and always will be, he of course obliged with a demonstration of the fact, that yes, even in his advancing age, he retains some of his dunking ability. Granted it wasn’t as awe-inspiring as Jordan in his heyday, it was nonetheless a legit dunk.

Eye on Basketball does some math to illustrate MJ’s somewhat diminished, yet impressive, leaping skills.

Let’s crunch some numbers. lists Jordan’s standing reach at eight to 10 feet while noting that you need to be able to touch four to six inches above the rim to dunk a ball. So we can calculate (estimate) that Jordan has, at minimum, an 18″ vertical leap. Pretty solid given that he is pushing 50 years old. In case you were wondering, the site lists his highest measured vertical at 43″.

So there you go. While quite a downward deviation from Jordan’s gravity-defying prowess from years past, he still got up there and flushed it, whereas I’m nowhere close to 48 and some days it’s a grind to simply flush a toilet, let alone flush a basketball. Not that I ever could dunk in the first place. Being 5-foot, 10-inches tall with no vertical leaping ability had a lot to with that, I guess. Sigh.

Still, I don’t know which thing causes me to be more impressed: the fact that Michael Jordan can still dunk or that he can rock a Hitler mustache without worldwide condemnation. Something to think about.

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