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(Video) Alleged Drug Cheat Enjoys Sporting Event Featuring Alleged Drug Cheats

Shocking stuff. Well, actually, it is the complete opposite of shocking when you think about it: in some casual comments made to a camera outside a West Hollywood restaurant, Barry Bonds said he is a big fan of the Tour de France, an event that has essentially become a farce due to the alleged rampant abuse of performance-enhancing drugs by competitors. I guess Bonds simply admires how well these cyclists go about their drug-abusing business. Alleged drug-abusing business, that is.

Via Sporting News:

“I like Leopard-Trek and I have HTC(-Highroad),” Bonds told the crowd following him. “My buddy, he has Garmin(-Cervelo) and Sky (Procycling). So it looks like I’m gonna be in the lead.”

I have no idea what any of that means. It’s all Greek to me – or French, as it were. But I can ascertain at least one thing from Bonds’ statement: birds of a feather flock together. Especially big-headed, ‘roided up, performance-enhancing drug-taking birds. Or something.

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(video courtesy of X17)