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Finally, A Photoshopped Movie Poster Of ‘The Hangover’ Featuring Irish Golfers

Ha. It’s funny because they made Rory McIlroy the baby. Fitting, in light of his whiny comments regarding the weather conditions during the freaking British Open. One would suspect he’d be plenty familiar with it.

In any event, the poster. ‘Tis true: nobody does party like the Paddies and if these four blokes (McIlroy, Darren Clarke, Padraig Harrington and Graeme McDowell – at least I assume that’s him – it has to be, although the raggedy hair and beard are a bit of a throw-off) are uniting for an epic drinking binge in order to celebrate Clarke’s breakthrough major championship victory, plenty of pints of Guinness shall be downed. Probably some Jameson as well, but as an aside, Rory does kind of strike me as a fellow who would enjoy a Bailey’s or two from time to time. Just a hunch. Either way, as McIlroy put it himself, “I think this picture could be quite appropriate over the next week haha.” Haha, indeed.

[via @McIlroyRory]