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The Daily News Refers To Bartolo Colon As ‘Stinky’ Due To Woeful Pitching Performance

Heh. “Colon stinky.” While somewhat played out, the reference nevertheless remains funny because…you know damn well why it’s funny: because we’re all a bunch of sophomoric, immature mouthbreathers here on the interwebs, that’s why.

At the same time, after looking at Yankees pitcher Bartolo Colon’s stats from last night’s 16-7 drubbing laid upon the Yankees by the Toronto Blue Jays (2/3 inning pitched, 6 hits, 8 runs – only 2 earned, 2 walks), it’s hard to argue with the headline writer’s assessment.

On second look, however, there is something even more vile, more “stinky,” as it were, polluting the screencap above from the New York Daily News: a Mike Lupica column. Talk about vile.