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Takin’ It To The Tweets: Lance Armstrong’s Ambien-Fueled Email Bender

Let this be a lesson to the kids: Ambien and late-night emails demanding the presence of a rock guitar god at your birthday party do not mix. The more you know.

I suppose we should cut Lance Armstrong a bit of slack on this one. It’s not like he’s competing any longer and he should be able to abuse prescription drugs like every other red-blooded American, although I suspect the French will nevertheless insist that he agree to submit to a urine test. And who out there hasn’t succumbed to the soothing aspects of an Ambien binge and the drug-addled rantings subsequently blasted out via email. You know how it goes: you pop a couple of Ambien, down a Michelob Ultra or two or eight and before you know it, all Hell breaks loose. If I had a nickel…

You know, come to think of it, we have seen warning signs of Lance’s issues with Ambien well before the above tweet: I mean the guy goes mountain biking with some pals and thinks he can alter the terrain with a casual wave of his hand. Might be time for an intervention.

[via @lancearmstrong]