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Ain’t No Darn Lockout Gonna Stop Hank Williams Jr. From Shooting A New MNF Intro

"Jazz hands!!!"

While the word on the street is that for all intents and purposes, the NFL lockout may be as close to coming to an end as it has ever been, the fact remains that the lockout remains in effect. But guess what? That ain’t stopping that old outlaw Hank Williams Jr. He’s actually in Florida filming the promo for the upcoming season of Monday Night Football, something he has been affiliated with for 23 seasons now. That is mind-blowing. But am I the only person who grown progressively tired of the schtick with each passing year? Yeah, we get it: we’re supposed to be ready for some football, a Monday night party, yadda yadda yadda. Stop asking me if I’m ready, dammit. You know damn well I’m ready – I got the friggin’ TV tuned to the channel broadcasting the blasted football game, so can we finally move on? Furthermore, is it just me, or do the shots from the current incarnation of the intro look exactly like every other season’s?

Yet, despite how sick I have become of the Monday Night Football opening sequence, it is leaps and bounds superior to that absolutely ridiculous intro to Sunday Night Football. I don’t care if Faith Hill looks halfway decent in it, I literally have to change the channel during it, lest I become embarrassed for everyone involved with the entire awkward presentation. Seriously, it’s awful. The hackneyed lyrics, in particular the references to Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth, are dreadful. Simply and utterly dreadful.

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