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Say What? Victoria Beckham Purchased A $900 Stroller For The New Baby

In the grand scheme of things, the frivolous purchases by the spouses of millionaire athletes isn’t really something that should cause a stir, or even necessitate a mention, but when I read over at my pal Rick Chandler’s brilliant Off the Bench blog that Victoria Beckham recently bought an ICandy Peach Stroller for the David and Victoria’s brand new baby, Harper Seven, for the whopping price of $900, I had to look into the hardly newsworthy story a bit more than perhaps is warranted.

Okay, so here’s the nitty gritty (via msnbc):

Victoria preordered an iCandy Peach stroller in time for it to be delivered to the house before she was born early Sunday morning.

But get this…

While the stroller comes in three colors (sweet pea, black jack and tomato), I’m told that Victoria made sure hers was a one-of-a-kind by having iCandy create a custom Peach in the same shade of lilac that her mom used to decorate her U.K. baby shower.

 Alright. Fair enough. It’s not like the Beckhams are hurting for money, right? Sure, it could be argued that perhaps spending a more reasonable amount on a stroller and donating the remaining funds to charity or something might be a more admirable act, for nine hundred bucks, it has to be a pretty pimped out stroller, correct? Let’s have a look-see at the bells and whistles that comes with this iCandy Peach Stroller, shall we?


  • Unique one hand fold mechanism
  • Lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminium chassis weighing only 8.9kgs (including wheels & shopping basket)
  • Swivelling or fixed front lockable wheels
  • Seat unit suitable from 6 months
  • Large, low profile, durable, no puncture cushioned rear tyres
  • Unique (pop up) one hand seat removal
  • Adjustable soft touch comfy grip handle
  • Reclinable, 3 position forward facing or rearward facing seat modes
  • Adjustable leg rest
  • Extra large shopping basket
  • Adjustable hood with side viewing panels
  • All-over raincover included
  • Freestanding chassis when folded
  • Large durable chassis carrying handle
  • Sandal friendly brake
  • All fabrics are washable with a 6 month guarantee
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty

Wow! Pretty impressive. Other than the fact that more or less, you can pretty much find all that stuff to some degree on almost every average or above stroller available for purchase. Well, except for the “sandal friendly brake.” On my infant’s stroller, if you’re not wearing heavy duty work boots, there isn’t any way you’re setting the brake. Want to stop on a big hill and take a break? You are S.O.L., my good friend. I guess having sandal friendly braking systems is just an apt indication how well the better half live.

That’s how she rolls: Victoria Beckham buys $900 baby stroller [Off the Bench]