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Rays Fans Rejoice! The Go-Go’s Will Be Performing Their Postgame Concert After All

It was done with great sadness when I had to break the disappointing news last year in June that the Go-Go’s had to cancel their postgame concert at Tropicana Field due to guitarist Jane Weidlin’s knee injury. But happier days are ahead for Tampa Bay Rays fans as the gals will in fact be performing a set after the Rays take on the Oakland Athletics on August 5th.

Even better? The following day, Rays fans will be treated to a postgame concert by the Goo Goo Dolls. Sweet. And someone in the Rays marketing department had the brilliant idea to refer to the slate of show that August weekend as “Go-Go, Goo-Goo Weekend.” Nicely executed.

So there you go. No, really, that’s all I got. Talk about a slow news day.

Note: for a heaping helping of cheesy references to Go-Go’s/Belinda Carlisle songs, please refer to the link above. I just don’t have it in me to bust out the same tired jokes again. Sorry.

Go-Go’s concert set for Trop after Rays game Aug. 5 [Tampa Bay Online]