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Wake N’ Blog: PA Restaurant Institutes New Policy – No Children Allowed Under The Age Of Six

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• The proprietors of McDain’s Restaurant in Monroeville, Pennsylvania have had all they can stands and they can’t stands no more, as far as screaming babies and ill-mannered toddlers are concerned. Beginning this Saturday, no child under the age of six will be allowed to eat at the restaurant. Owner Mike Vuick says a combination of poorly-behaved children and parents unwilling to ensure good behavior while dining are at the crux of the decision. This might be the best idea ever. And I have kids. But it is true: too many parents just let their kids run wild while at a restaurant, allowing behavior (I hope) they would never tolerate in their own home and at their own dinner table. The money quote from Vuick: “You know, their child — maybe as it should be — is the center of their universe,” he told WTAE. “But they don’t realize it’s not the center of the universe.” Amen, brother. [msnbc]

• Justin Timberlake won the All-Star Game broadcast. [Big League Stew]

• Brian Wilson’s All-Star Game shoes are wicked cool. [Larry Brown Sports]

• Cristiano Ronaldo’s new car is worth more than your house. [Busted Coverage]

• That Yankees fan who did the right thing and gave back Jeter’s 3,000th hit ball for free? Yeah, he probably owes the IRS money for the tickets he received from the team. [Off the Bench]

• Speaking of which: “Behind Every Man: A Retrospective Of Derek Jeter’s 3,000 Hits, Women” [With Leather]

• Check out this video of a mascot scaring the bejeezus out of people. [Unathletic]

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