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(Video) Nothing Is More Romantic Than A Baseball-Themed Wedding At All-Star FanFest

Joe Curiale and Dolly West tied the knot at MLB’s All-Star FanFest on Tuesday in Phoenix, and if you ask me (which most people do not), I can find nothing more lovely than a baseball-themed wedding resplendent with touches such as a diamond-shaped floor and flowers in the shape of baseballs. Roses? So passé.

The couple was married at Phoenix Convention Center mere hours before the All-Star Game and despite my cynical opinion of the nuptials, for Curiale and West, it was probably everything they wanted and more. The newlyweds met during a flight attendant training session and have kept their long distance relationship running strong by scheduling their flight shifts to have layovers in the same location and have attended over 20 baseball games together while on said layovers.

There was, however, one hurdle the couple had to overcome before they could live happily ever after: Curiale is a Cleveland Indians fan and West backs the Texas Rangers. While nowhere close to the issues that might arise if a Red Sox fan and a Yankees fan tied the knot, allegiances are allegiances.

But hey, I see these two having a long and prosperous marriage. As you can see in the video, those in attendance at their wedding did The Wave, and from what I can remember, that’s a great sign of good things to come. Congratulations to the happy couple.

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