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Unauthorized Tiger Woods Comic Book? Unauthorized Tiger Woods Comic Book

Just because Tiger Woods isn’t at Royal St George’s Golf Club in Sandwich this week to compete in The Open Championship does not mean he can’t generate some interesting headlines, even if had no part in the story behind said interesting headlines. Well, except for the part of being the story behind the story behind said interesting headlines.

While you try to deconstruct that last sentence, allow me to move on. Bluewater Productions, a company behind biographical comic books about Michelle Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, Sarah Palin and others, has produced an UNAUTHORIZED comic about the golfer, entitled “Fame: Tiger Woods.” The issue hits the stands today.

From the release announcing the, um, release (via Pro Golf Talk):

Tiger Woods is, in most respects, the most famous golfer of all time. He may have had some recent troubles, but his life is one filled with very interesting tidbits. Come inside and see how his life lead him to be one of the most famous sports stars in the history of the United States and the world and learn about the man behind all of these news stories. Go for a hole in one with this comic detailing the life story of this major athlete.

“Fame: Tiger Woods,” will feature a cover by famed artist Tony Foti. The interior art is illustrated by Marcelo Salaza and written by CW Cooke. The issue will retail for $3.99 and be available through most online venues like as well as local comic book stores. To order the book online at “Barnes & Noble” click here

Sounds pretty interesting. And as a fan of comics in my youth and given the subject matter, I might even have to pick myself up a copy and have a read, although the Tiger Woods comic isn’t much like the comics I read during those halcyon days of youth. But like most adolescent boys, I was much more into Marvel, DC Comics, etc. as opposed to educational materials. You know, super hero stuff. But on that score, Tiger Woods is similar to many comic book super heroes in one respect: he has a secret weakness, a vulnerability, an Achilles’ heal (get it?) which, despite his strength, cunning and once-perceived invulnerability, can render him powerless, unable to utilize the tremendous gifts and talents bestowed upon him.

That’s right, you guessed it. Like Superman’s Kryptonite, Tiger’s secret weakness? Skanky whores. Ouch. Way back when, who woulda thunk it, right?

TIGER WOODS NEW COMIC BOOK BIOGRAPHY IN STORES JULY 13TH [Bluewater Productions (via Pro Golf Talk)]