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Video Preview Of Tony Romo’s Wedding Has Some Pretty Incredible Production Values

If you’re anything like me, you were absolutely devastated when an invitation to the nuptials of Tony Romo and Candice Crawford did not arrive in your mailbox. I still get all tore up about it. Luckily, for the dregs of society like us who were not lucky enough to attend, a camera crew was on hand to capture the beautiful moments when the groom and blushing bride began their lives together. Quite moving.

As you can see, it was quite the romantical event. You know, except for the presence of multiple cameramen, several boom operators, the director and producer scrambling about while capturing the wedding from multiple angles. Oh, and we can’t forget about the key grip guy, whatever he does.

Killer soundtrack, too. The music really ties the entire magical video together. And it’s something the happy couple can watch and treasure for years and years. Or sell online to rubes for $29.95 plus shipping and handling. Because my guess is the production of this video alone cost more than most couple’s entire wedding as well as their honeymoon.

One last thought: Romo absolutely killed it when he recited his vows. And from what I can tell, he didn’t even need any help and have to refer to those things QBs wear on their forearms with all the plays on them to remember his lines. A masterful, virtuoso performance.

UPDATE: According to several posts from across the interwebs that have been published since this one went up, the music in the video is Coldplay. You have no idea how pleased I am with the fact that I did not know that.

[via ESPN Dallas]