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Takin’ It To The Tweets: This Just In, Dick Vitale Is A Dirty Old Man

And no, I am not referring to Vitale’s unrequited man love for Coach K and all thing Dukie, although that could be an argument set forth at another time. Nope, on this occasion, I am referencing a tweet from Mr. Vitale just a short time ago in which he claims to be more impressed with Derek Jeter’s impressive conquests in the realm of bagging some major femininas during his life as opposed to him reaching the 3,000 hit plateau:

Forget Jeter’s 3000 + hits his biggest accomplishment is he has dated Alba-Carey- Biel-& many other starlets – now Minka Kelly Wow that=STAR


I admit that’s a bit wordy, but you get where I was going with it. I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised with Dick Vitale focusing on Jeter’s womanizing, what with his long-standing affiliation with Hooters. And his rapturous, obsessive Dukie love, but once again, that’s another story altogether.

[via @DickieV]