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Stanley Cup Visits Aerosmith’s Recording Studio, Amazingly Does Not Contract An STD

Well, perhaps I shouldn’t be too hasty in that assertion: initial tests came back negative, but Phil Pritchard, the so-called Keeper of the Cup, is still awaiting further results, so I guess we’ll just have to wait it out.

But what I can disclose that Lord Stanley’s Cup did in fact make an appearance last Friday at Pandora’s Box, Aerosmith’s recording studio.

From Aero Force One (via Puck Daddy, who will be documenting the Cup’s travels this offseason in its running feature, “Chronicles of Stanley”):

One of the most prestigious trophies of all of sports, The Stanley Cup made its second visit to Aerosmith’s studio, “Pandora’s Box,” on Friday. The band’s producer, Jack Douglas, arranged to have the Cup there with some of the Bruins training staff. The boys took about an hour off from recording while they posed for pictures with Lord Stanley’s bowl. As you may remember back in 2003, Boston native Jay Pandolfo of the champion New Jersey Devils brought the loving Cup to the same studio when the band was recording “Honkin’ on Bobo” with Jack. Déjà vu all over again! That was sweet but this is much sweeter since it was the hometown Bruins who won it this time. Hopefully this will be an annual thing.

Indeed. I suppose for the Aerosmith fellas, who are sometimes referred to as “The Bad Boys of Boston,” their time spent with the Stanley Cup, now that was back in the hands of the Beantown Bruins, was full of “Sweet Emotion.” You know, because it was too easy to make that reference. Hey, at least I didn’t try to insinuate that Aerosmith’s handling of the Cup had something to do with”Love In An Elevator,” because that would have been woefully inappropriate (hence the allusion to the Cup contracting an STD. Either way, I guess you could say “I’m Livin’ on the Edge” with these weaksauce references.

Okay, I’m done. And deeply ashamed. Ya happy?

Stanley Cup Visits Pandora’s Box! [Aero Force One (via Puck Daddy)]