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(Photo) Even Cleveland Mining Companies Are Still Bitter About LeBron Leaving

Take that, LeBron James! The above photo, taken at the Cleveland airport of an ad for Cliffs Natural Resources, “a Cleveland, Ohio business firm that specializes in the mining and beneficiation of iron ore and the mining of coal.” Done in the style of the LeBron James’ “Witness” ad campaign from back when he was adored and worshiped by the Ohio masses, the message here is that even large Cleveland business conglomerates are still bitter about LeBron James skipping town, or at the very least are willing to co-opt the bitterness felt towards James by the local populace in order to generate some goodwill towards their company.

As you can see, Cliffs Natural Resources has been around for 163 years and has no plans on leaving anytime soon. That is until they have completely mined all the coal and iron ore out of the area. Then they’ll probably take their talents elsewhere, probably to a region where there is more iron ore and coal to be mined through which they will generate massive profits for its shareholders. It’s business, nothing personal, Clevelanders.

[via @tomrotunno, yfrog]