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Darnell Dockett To Mock PETA’s Complaints By Taking His Pet Alligator To Waffle House

About a week ago, Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman Darnell Dockett (a longtime favorite here at the Sportress) took to Twitter to announce a new addition to his home: a pet alligator he affectionately named Nino. Of course, upon hearing the news, the folks at PETA, as they are wont to do, sent Dockett a sternly-written letter protesting his ownership of a wild animal. Of course, Dockett protested their protests by insisting that he was more than well-equipped to care for Nino the Alligator, evidenced by his strict adherence to his new pet’s dietary needs by stating that Nino thoroughly enjoys nutrition-rich items such as Ruth Chris steaks and Bob Evans pancakes.

Now, Dockett has upped the ante by responding once again to PETA’s complaints by mocking them with the following tweet (via SB Nation):

I just got the Letter from @peta lmfao! I’m gonna next day this sh*t right back to em! With a pic of me and NINO eating at Waffle house!

Oooh, burn. That’ll learn ’em at PETA. Although I do have one question regarding Dockett’s masterful plan: now, it’s been years since I have been in a Waffle House, but I have to assume even the greasiest of a greasy spoon of a restaurant chain that is the Waffle House might frown upon bringing an alligator into one of their restaurants. Unless it’s so drunk it might urinate all over the floor and vomit at the table. Because if that were the case, Nino the Alligator would fit right in with the rest of the regular clientele who frequent the joint.

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