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Bad Idea Ideas: This Portly Fellow’s ‘Love To Eat’ No. 69 Arizona Cardinals Jersey

It’s funny because…um, well…really, it’s not funny at all. Not a bit.

Obviously, we all know what this guy was trying to get at with his clever little Arizona Cardinals jersey. Or at least we can assume what perverse sexual message he was attempting to get across. But I have a radically different idea: maybe his jersey isn’t a nod to inappropriate sexual innuendo after all. Maybe, just maybe, he’s referring to 69 chicken wings for a mid-afternoon snack. Or alternatively, the amount of fat grams needed in a dish before he would even consider eating it. I guess what I’m getting at is he’s a bit overweight and likely enjoys vast quantities of food. Maybe that’s not nice, but I’m not the guy who bought a customizable #69 Arizona Cardinals jersey and selected “Love To Eat” for the name. He was kind of asking for it, to be perfectly honest.

[via BuzzFeed]