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Finger’ Lickin’ Good Publicity Stunt: KFC To Donate $250K If Dwyane Wade Works The Drive-Thru

Mmmm…eleven secret herbs and spices…

After a recent series of tweets related to the NBA lockout where Dwyane Wade jokingly inquired whether anyone was hiring, KFC has seized the opportunity to generate a little publicity for their delicious product by offering up a donation of $250,000 in Wade’s name to the restaurant’s scholarship fund, Colonel’s Scholars, if he serves as an “honorary captain” of a local franchisee’s drive-thru window. Wade worked at a KFC as a teenager.

The letter containing the offer, available here in pdf form (via TMZ), is from KFC U.S. general manager John Cywinski. Here’s an excerpt:

¬†We’ve always been proud to call you a former KFC employee and, it goes without saying we’d love to have you back on our team dishing out the World’s Best Chicken, like how you dish out assists on the court.

So let us know if you’re ready to suit up for our squad (as you’ll remember, we’ve got some pretty cool uniforms). Our original coach, the legendary Colonel Sanders, knew a thing or two about buckets. And who knows, if you make a KFC-team comeback, we might just share some of his secrets with you.

What that? This guy thinks he can offer up some of the Colonel’s trade secrets in exchange for a silly publicity stunt? I’ll tell you one thing: the old Colonel is spinning in his grave as we speak. Now, don’t get me wrong, I always loved his moist and delicious chicken, but oh, how I hated the Colonel with is wee beady eyes, and that smug look on his face. “Oh, you’re gonna buy my chicken! Ohhhhh!”

Nevertheless, I now have a hankering for some greasy, fried deliciousness. Damn you, Colonel!

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