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Billy Idol Impersonator Vs. Phillie Phanatic Armed With Water Gun: Who Ya Got?

Okay, if we’re talking about heavy metal fist pumps and raised lip sneering, I’d have to go with the Billy Idol impersonator, but just by a hair. If we’re talking about an unbalanced squirt gun war, obviously, I’ll have to side with Phillie Phanatic on that score. But really, that’s a no-brainer.

For some reason known only to the folks who run the in-game entertainment at Citizens Bank Park, there was a Billy Idol impersonator on hand for Sunday’s Phillies-Braves game. At some point, both the Billy Idol Impersonator Guy and the Phillie Phanatic were entertaining the crowd on top of one of the dugouts. Territories were breached, personal spaces were violated, tempers flared and one black leather jacket-bound doppelganger got doused.

Before we move on to the video (below), I do have one side question: how in demand are Billy Idol impersonators these days? If you ask me, I would think you could probably get the real Billy Idol at a modestly fair price. Just saying.

Awesome. I particularly enjoyed the collective bloodlust of the Phillies faithful as the Phanatic made his move to vanquish his enemy and BRING HELL FROM ABOVE!

(cranks “Rebel Yell”, cries more more more)

[H/T The700Level]
(image courtesy of Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE)