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Off Topic Video: Toddler Rocking Out To Pantera Is Too Darn Cute

Many of you might have seen this already (over 1,000,000 views on YouTube, for Pete’s sake), but the link to this delightful little video has been sitting in my feeds for a week or two now, and since I am about to step out for a few hours and the fact that it is a Friday, I thought there was no better time to reference this Whimsical Display of Adorableness featuring a song from Pantera’s best album, Vulgar Display of Power. The song? “F**kin’ Hostile.” Sure, it might be a bit inappropriate to have a little kid rocking out to a song of that title, containing those lyrics, but come on, the little tyke ain’t going to remember this anyway. And further, Pantera rules. Let’s be frank here: it is far better for a child to be exposed to Pantera at a young age than The Wiggles.

And for people who have reading comprehension issues, let me make this abundantly clear: VIDEO CONTAINS PROFANITY. You have been warned. Now enjoy.

[via BuzzFeed]