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Blake Griffin, Kevin Love Demonstrate What An NBA Lockdown Would Look Like

Not pictured: David Stern as the Warden. But don’t worry, fellas. A Kia is about to bust through the prison walls and break you guys out of there! Actually, a Kia could never plow through concrete. Shoulda selected a better automobile company for a sponsor, Blake.

Moving on, Blake Griffin uploaded this photo to the interwebs with the caption, “I guess they’re taking this lockout stuff pretty seriously @kevinlove,” but technically, and not to nitpick, this image better symbolizes what an NBA Lockdown would look like as opposed to providing a graphic representation of the conditions inherent to the current NBA Lockout. But let’s not quibble here, even though I just did. Stopping quibbling…now.

One question, though: why is Kevin Love in shackles but Blake Griffin is not? What message are they trying to get across here? I don’t know, but it probably has something to do with Love playing for the Timberwolves. Yep.

[via @blakegriffin on Lockerz]