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Yep, Some Pothead Hockey Fan Will Be Fashioning One Of These ‘NHL Drinking Tubes’ Into A Bong

Come on, man. Seriously? It is so obvious, isn’t it?

Big ups to Puck Daddy for bringing these “far out” new products to our attention (which are available for purchase on Shop NHL, mind you), as they are quite a hoot and holler: the NHL Drinking Tube. Dig it.

The description for the recommended use for the product:

This festive tube features a 100-oz (12.5 cups) capacity and a spout at the bottom for easy pouring. It’s decorated with tons of cool NHL- team graphics while a replica helmet and puck are featured at the base.

Okay, first of all: 100-ounces? What’s the point of filling the bad boy up with booze in the first place? I suppose if one were to fill it with hard liquor or a real stiff cocktail, sure, but beer? Forget about it.

Secondly, there is no way in hell some enterprising burnout isn’t going to look at one of these bad boys without their inner Pothead MacGyver from taking over and altering a few components here and there to create a bong which will be the envy of every weed-smoking NHL fan within smelling distance.

One issue with the product: the price. $329.99 plus shipping and handling. Man, talk about harshing people’s mellow. Dude.

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