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(Photo) This 3D Sidewalk Art Outside Of Citizens Bank Park Is Freaking Me Out, Man!

Whoa! What the fungus? How…how did they do that?

The “they” I am referring to are Wasabi 3D, an “experiential marketing company” who created this trippy piece of three-dimensional sidewalk art outside Citizens Bank Park in conjunction with the Philadelphia Phillies and Visit Philly. Consider my mind sufficiently blown.

From (via The 700Level):

The artwork will be located inside the Left Field Gate right at the beginning of Ashburn Alley, conveniently placed where fans attending the game will have an opportunity to take their photo with the 3-D Art as they enter the stadium or as they’re walking around during the game.

The With Love 3-D Art itself, which was created by Wasabi 3D, will create a scene where the fan being photographed gets to interact with everyone’s favorite mascot — the Phillie Phanatic — in a 3D setting atop of a slightly dramatized version of Citizens Bank Park. There will even be a fun With Love Letter in the artwork’s bottom right from our popular With Love, Philadelphia XOXO® campaign.

 The piece will debut this Friday night and is sure to generate quite a buzz, although a buzz not at all similar to the kind of buzz that drunken Philadelphians will be experiencing when the amazing 3D sidewalk art causes extreme disorientation, causing inebriated to create a virtual impromptu vomitorium all around the piece. Even better, fans will be able to document their disorientation courtesy of a photo by a professional photographer. Cool!

No, seriously, I’m not kidding here, while it is as cool as all get out, I’m getting all dizzy and a bit nauseous just looking at it. Although that could be due to this open bottle of rubber cement sitting on my desk. No, I’m not gluing anything, why do you ask?

Introducing The New With Love 3-D Art At Citizens Bank Park, An Awesome New Fan Photo Op Set To Debut At The Ballpark Friday, July 8 [ (via The700Level)]