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Gotta Support The Team: Boston Bruins Fan In Saskatchewan Has Bruins-Themed House, Garage

Even though all Bruins fans are likely still celebrating a championship and reveling in their team’s Stanley Cup victory, most are falling way short in adequately displaying their “Gotta Support The Team” mentality. But not this homeowner.  Yep, he would like everyone in his neighborhood to know that he is quite proud of this squad’s accomplishments and is not afraid to lower his home’s likely assessed market value in doing so by having a garage emblazoned with a Bruins Stanley Cup Champions logo and a paint job on his house resplendent with the Bruins team colors.

The person who uploaded this photo to the interwebs claims this house is located in lovely Canadian town of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, which means this homeowner exhibited quite a bit of courage to display his love for a non-Canuckistani hockey team. Of course, the uploaded could be making that part of the story up, but frankly, why shouldn’t we believe her? When’s the last time somebody lied on the internet?

[via @jennafaye1 on yfrog]