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Blow Me Down! Former Rays Prospect Tried To Smuggle Six Pounds Of Cocaine Into U.S. In Shoes

And wouldn’t you know it? He was promptly busted during his lame-brained scheme at JFK Airport. Shocking.

Former Tampa Bay Rays prospect Christian Martinez, 21, was apprehended by Customs and Border Patrol officials last week in New York when six pounds of cocaine with an estimated street value of $138,000 was discovered hidden in the soles of four pairs of shoes Martinez had with him on an incoming flight from the Dominican Republic. Bad Idea Drug Muling.

I wonder if Martinez believed the pungent odor emanating from his dirty sneakers would magically throw the dogs off the scent of his illegal cargo. Shoulda went with the Odor Eaters, kid.

The report in the New York Daily News indicates that Martinez is no longer a prospect for the Rays after the team discovered his visa was invalid. My guess is this isn’t going to help his dream of making it to the big leagues. And scouts said while he didn’t have great “speed” on the bases, he could “sniff” out an opposing pitcher’s pitch selection and “chop” a hit through the infield from time to time. Defensively, he had a “nose” for the ball and everything, too. You know, because those are all cocaine references. Poorly executed cocaine references, sure, but the effort was there. Okay, there wasn’t any effort put into these whatsoever.

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