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(Photo) Check Out This Dust Storm, Or ‘Haboob’, Descending Upon Chase Field In Phoenix

Wow. That is some crazy stuff. The mesmerizing, awe-inspiring image, taken last night, is part of a photo gallery which can be found here (via FOX Sports Arizona).

But on to what in the holy hell that thing is that spread doom and gloom all around the home of the Arizona Diamondbacks (via Reuters):

Day turned into night as the billowy plumes of dust rolled over the mountains and clogged the skies over and around Phoenix in the late afternoon and into the evening on Tuesday, according to meteorologists.

“A very large and historic dust storm moved through a large swatch of Arizona,” the National Weather Service office in Phoenix said in a statement posted on its website, calling it an “impressive event.”

Impressive image. Apparently, these haboobs are caused by thunderstorms producing downdrafts that pick up loose sediment on the desert floor. Oh, and that very stadium is where the MLB All-Star Game, along with all the other related festivities, is scheduled to be played next week. Good thing that Chase Field has a retractable roof, am I right? Who thinks that was a silly idea now? Well, I still do, but I also thought the word “haboob” was funny, so there you go.

Historic dust storm sweeps Arizona, turns day into night [Reuters]