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Minor League Baseball Teams Up The Wacky Ante With These Oddball Promotions

In order to remain competitive in the marketplace regarding how people go about choosing how to utilize their spending money, minor league baseball teams the country over have often relied on zany and offbeat promotions to put fans in the seats, and the remainder of this season is no different. What follows are the top 10 promotional events I came across that epitomize how the experience at a minor league ballpark is remarkably different than what one would expect while at a major league baseball game. Obviously, this is by no means an exhaustive listing of the many wonderful events which will occur at minor league ballparks, so be sure to take a look at what’s being offered by your friendly neighborhood minor league baseball team.

10. Star Wars Night, Sacramento River Cats, August 13th.

A frequent go-to promotion, the River Cats will pay homage to everyone’s inner nerd with their night devoted to the classic film series:

We won’t try to lure you to the Dark Side when the River Cats pay tribute to the most popular trilogy of all time. Star Wars music and movie clips will be heard and shown throughout the game, and fans are encouraged to dress up as their favorite Star Wars character. Darth Vader and Storm Troopers will throw out the first pitch.

9. Wackie Weenie Wednesdays, Lake Elsinore Storm, July 27th.

Minor league baseball and gluttony: two great things that go even better together!

Every Wednesday at The Diamond all fans receive FREE HOT DOGS!!! “Oh my gosh! Are you serious!?” Yes, we are very serious… Enjoy free hot dogs through the seventh inning of every Wednesday home game! Sponsored by Farmer John. This offer excludes Wednesday, June 29, 2011.

8. Yo Gabba Gabba Appearance, Stockton Ports, July 16th.

Sure to be a hit with the kids (as well as some unbalanced adults), Yo Gabba Gabba characters Brobee and Plex will be stopping by when the Ports take on Visalia Rawhide, although I highly doubt they are the real Brobee and Plex. I bet those two are far too busy.

7. Appearance by WWE Superstar Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase, Lake County Captains, July 22nd.

Shockingly not busy enough to turn down a minor league baseball team invite is one Ted Dibiase, a/k/a the Million Dollar Man. My guess is pretty much anybody can book this guy for substantially lower amount than his moniker would indicate.

6. WWE’s Sergeant Slaughter Appearance, Wisconsin Timber Rattlers, July 14th.

If you thought the above presence of Ted Dibiase meant the end of any further mention of retread wrestlers on this list, well, you were wrong. SPOILER ALERT: there might be another one, too. Kooky stuff.

5. Purr In The Park, State College Spikes, July 11th.

For the first time in Spikes history, fans are invited to bring their cats to the ballpark! Fans will also enjoy other feline-related entertainment throughout the game.

Not much to add to this promotion, except I hope all those cats – especially any of the black variety – are not the same harbinger of bad luck like the black cat who wandered onto Wrigley Field the field at Shew Stadium back in 1969. Just saying.

4. Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake Appearance, Vermont Lake Monsters, July 10th.

Seriously, this is just getting weird now. I feel like somebody just put the sleeper hold on me.

3. Cowbell Giveaway, Albuquerque Isotopes, August 20th.

The first 3,000 Fans will receive a 2011 Albuquerque Isotopes Cowbell courtesy of Creamland Dairies.

Seriously. Enough with the cowbell already. No more cowbell.

2. Playboy SE Model Lisa Neeld Appearance, Mahoning Valley Scramblers, August 25th.

There you go. Also scheduled to take place on the same evening at the ballpark: “Jersey Shore Night.” Draw your own conclusions with that grouping.

1. (tie) Special Tribute to Crazy Hot Dog Vendor, Reading Phillies, July 10th.

The Reading Phillies, the Double-A affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies since 1967 – the longest affiliation in all of baseball, are set to celebrate the craziest mascot in all of baseball — The Crazy Hot Dog Vendor, on Sunday, July 10. As part of this special tribute night, the first 2,500 kids will receive a Future Crazy Hot Dog Vendor T-Shirt, R-Phils players will wear Crazy Hot Dog Vendor jerseys, all Redner’s R-Phils Kids Club members get a free ticket to the game and can perform on-field with the Crazy Hot Dog Vendor, and perhaps the best part of the night — one lucky fan will win a 550-pound Life-Size Crazy Hot Dog Vendor statue.

So, he rides a fake ostrich and is a hot dog vendor? Win.

1. (tie) Cowboy Monkey Rodeo Night, Lowell Spinners, July 19th.

If you are unfamiliar with Team Ghost Riders, you have been missing out. Here’s a primer. And a video for your enjoyment  is below.

Brilliant, is it not?

And be sure to get out there and enjoy a great night out at a minor league ballpark!