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(Photo) Miniature Clone Of Jose Bautista Suffers A Tortured Existence

In what should be considered a chilling example of the incredible dangers inherent to cloning, not to mention the ethical implications associated with the practice, the Toronto Blue Jays, in their attempt to play God by creating an exact replica of their power-hitting superstar ended up with this poor creature. This display of perverse scientific practices gone wrong (it’s like The Island of Dr. Moreau, only at the ballpark) should serve as a stern warning to any other major league baseball team out there tempted to tinker with genetic cloning to repopulate their minor leagues with up and coming, yet poorly replicated, talent. Imagine this clone’s existence: marginalized by society, treated like some kind of twisted freak and condemned to a life where he shares no connection to any other being, all through no fault of his own. Sad.

You’re in our prayers, Mini Jose Bautista. Also, it might be a good idea to look into a razor. Couldn’t hurt helping him blend into normal society and appear to be a child, even though that is so far from the truth regarding his damnable condition.

[H/T Big League Stew]