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Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders On Hand For U.S. Women’s Open Bowling Championship

You know, I was just thinking the other day – and quite often since I originally reported on it – with the 2011 U.S Women’s Open Bowling Championship coming up at Cowboys Stadium, what could organizers do to create a buzz, generate a little more interest in an event oft-ignored by the general sporting public. After thinking about it for about for three or four hours (Extra oily approach areas? Snipers armed with tranquilizer darts located in the upper reaches of the stadium? Partial nudity?),  I was at a total loss.

Thankfully, the event organizers behind the odd spectacle of a holding a generally small-time event in an enormous stadium that can hold over 100,000 people are much wiser than this half-witted blogger, because they came up with a brilliant idea:

Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. Gold.

One question: do you think the presence of the cheerleaders could serve as a distraction for the competitors? I’m not saying, I’m just saying. Because I know it would certainly affect my bowling performance. Then again, as I mentioned above, I am a half-wit.

Second question: does the fact that my first two posts today were about the Tour de France and women’s bowling any indication of the kind of sporting wasteland we are heading into with the NBA and NFL lockouts in full effect? I think it might. Sigh. I think it might.

[images via this gallery]