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(Photo) The Stanley Cup Always Dreamed Of Becoming A Fireman, Not Anymore

Dreamed I was a fireman, I just smoked and watched you burn…” – Jawbreaker, “Fireman”

And they said it could never happen. “You’re a trophy, for goodness sake. How can you fight fires?” they would say. “You have no arms. How are you going to hold the fire hose?” others would taunt. “Maybe you should try the Coast Guard instead,” people would insist. But Lord Stanley’s Cup persevered, never allowing the nattering nabobs of negativity to get it down and deter the revered trophy from achieving what most thought to be impossible. Lord’s Stanley Cup: Firefighter. And you know what? It looks damn good in that fireman’s uniform, thanks to the Boston Bruins, who made it all happen.

Finally, since this photo, as alluded to above, reminded me of Jawbreaker’s “Fireman,” I’m embedding the video for the song below. Just doing my part to instill some good taste in music in the nation’s youth.

[via NHLBruins, yfrog]