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Photo From S.I.’s Archives Reveals Ideal Headwear For LeBron To Hide His Hairline

Obviously, the interwebs have been ablaze today due to the potshot Dwight Howard took at LeBron James on Twitter regarding the Heat star’s receding hairline. Quite the zinger, indeed.

Well, lo and behold, I came across a “Rare Photos Of LeBron” photo gallery over at and I have to say if the NBA would allow LeBron to sport the above piece of headwear, all of his hiding-his-balding problems would quickly go away. Which would be nice for him. He’s got enough problems.

One more photo from the archives: it looks like at some point in time, James was better at preventing a beatdown in Connect Four than he was at stopping the Dallas Mavericks:

Man, he just shut his opponent down with that move. Textbook defense right there, kiddos. Well played, LeBron.