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It’s Funny Because It Looks Like The Amarillo Sox’s Mascot Has An Erection

Egad! Now, just looking at that photo without doing any further research on the topic, I am willing to bet that the final result of the costume for the Amarillo Sox’s new mascot did not jibe with the original design. Or maybe he simply got overly excited during his debut at a June 24th game. Not surprisingly, my original suspicion turned out to be accurate, or at least the one that is currently being reported.

From an Amarillo Globe-News report (via everywhere):

Things turned sour for [Amarillo Sox general manager Mark] Lee as the Sox mascot was supposed to look like a sock but looked nothing like Lee had requested. Instead of a soft looking sock-type mascot from nearly head-to-toe, the foot portion of the sock stuck straight out about 2 feet at the waist.

“It was not the way I wanted it,” Lee said. “I’m very disappointed in the lady who did it, and I’ve told her so. She is going to fix it to the changes we want. I want to say on the record, if we offended anybody, I apologize.”

Oh, I see how it goes. A mascot appears to have a massive erection and it is blamed on some lady. Usually, it’s the other way around. If the mascot had shown up flaccid, not up to snuff, as it were, that would have been because of a woman not doing her job correctly. Doesn’t seem fair.

Either way, what’s done is done, the team expects new mascot uniforms by July 3rd or 4th, and it looks like the situation will be rectified. Or in this case, would that be derectified?

An additional, extremely inappropriate photo of the mascot follows below.


Hoo boy. So, so, so wrong.

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