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Far Out: Basketball Court In Germany Is Like, All Wavy And Bumpy And Stuff, Man

Hey, that’s not how basketball courts are supposed to look!

Leave it to those Germans to do something completely crazy and come up with this totally whacked out basketball court which juts up in lumps in several spots and has lamps scattered about its surface. Weird stuff.

Details regarding the court located at the Occupational School Center in Munich, Germany, from Inges Idee (via Ball Don’t Lie):

A regulation-sized basketball court was erected on the grove-like forecourt of the school building of the occupational school. The court consists of a soft orange-red tartan covering and two normed baskets and seems to be forced over the grid of the lamps that have been set up. The playable court has been “morphed” as in a 3D program on a computer and looks like the grounds of a rollercoaster, with heights and depths and calm and dynamic zones. The resulting paradox, which moves between a normative set of rules and pleasurable, anarchic change, requires creative engagement for its use.

Man, I imagine playing a game of basketball on this court would create the same sensations as playing on a normal basketball court while tripping on acid. Not that I would know, but I bet if we asked, Bill Walton could fill us in on the trippy similarities. Keep on truckin’, Bill.

[H/T Ball Don’t Lie]