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BBC Launches Tool Which Enables Users To Turn Down Grunting Noises At Wimbledon

Technology…what can’t it do? Besides create a good toaster, but that’s another story.

In response to numerous complaints by fans (and harsh criticisms courtesy of All England Lawn and Tennis Club chief executive Ian Ritchie) who cannot stand listening to tennis players scream, grunt and otherwise make noises akin to those one would hear emitted out of a dungeon during the Middle Ages any longer, the BBC has introduced a new technology which allows individual users the ability to alter the sound of a broadcast to reduce the ambient on-court noises in order to better hear the announcers. Called Wimbledon Net Mix, the free download is available on BBC Radio and is sure to be a delightful and handy little tool for those who prefer to only hear the kind of grunting typically heard during a tennis match when they are watching their favorite adult films. You know, stodgy types.

Via The Telegraph:

Rupert Brun, the head of technology for the BBC’s Audio and Music department, said that they had come up with the new player after receiving lots of complaints from listeners about the sound balance when listening to sports matches on the radio.

“Having known for a long time that broadcasters have a problem with balancing the ambient sounds of a sports match with the commentary, we felt we had to develop a tool which put the control back into the hands of the audience.

“The BBC receives lots of complaints from the public regarding sound balance – with many of them wanting the sound of the commentators turned up and the noise for a match turned down. Wimbledon was a clear choice to launch this product for as there are always so many comments about the amount of grunting from the players.”

While it seems like a nifty idea, no word on how BBC Radio’s feed syncs up with a live television broadcast, so I’d be interested to hear how well it works in that regard. Because any delay between the actual grunting noises, no matter how tuned down they are, and Maria Sharapova’s mouth moving would be a total turn off. You know, for those stodgy types again.

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