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Sumo Wrestlers Are Grounded: No Golf, No Cell Phones, Must Obey Traffic Laws

To be honest, I had no intention of writing about sumo wrestling today, or any day for that matter. I guess you could say I never got into the sport much. Maybe it’s the outfits. Maybe it’s because I got kicked out of sumo wrestling college. Who knows? But sometimes, a story comes along that needs to be passed along, like this one regarding how Japan’s sumo wrestlers have been placed under tight restrictions by the officiating body which governs the sport as the sumo wrestling attempts to return to its noble past after a match-fixing scandal wreaked havoc on its integrity.

How have sumo officials tightened the reins on the wrestlers, you ask? How about this: no more golf, cell phones have been banned for the upcoming Nagoya tournament in July and perhaps worst of all, the insistence that they obey all traffic laws  (sumo wrestlers were previously banned from driving years ago after a serious accident) lest they get their car keys taken away and get sent to bed without supper. No, seriously. It’s like these grown men have been grounded.

Via an Reuters report on Yahoo!:

“This is really the start so I want the wrestlers to be braced for it,” Japan Sumo Association (JSA) chairman Hanaregoma told Wednesday’s Japanese media.

“I want them to go into battle feeling the nerves. There will be no playing golf and they will be told to adhere to the rules of traffic.”

“Gosh! That’s so not fair! You’re ruining my life, Mom and Dad Japan Sumo Association! I’m the only one of my friends who doesn’t get to go golfing!! This is totally bogus!

/storms upstairs to room, slams door, comes crashing through floor due to immense weight

Golf courses deemed out of bounds for top sumo wrestlers [Yahoo!]