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Holly Mangold, Nick’s Sister, Weighs 370 Pounds, Stars In Episode Of MTV’s ‘True Life’

Holly Mangold became a bit of an internet sensation many, many moons ago, way back in the Leitchian Era of Deadspin, mainly due to her relation to New York Jets offensive lineman Nick Mangold, the fact that she played high school football and the “girthiness” she shares with her NFL star brother. Holly now tips the scales at a whopping 370 pounds, outweighing her brother by an astounding 60+ pounds. Wow.

Unfortunately, Holly became the butt of a lot of internet jokes but she appears to have come out unscathed by the mockery and looks to be headed in the right direction to change the world’s perception of her, as she is currently training to be an Olympic weightlifter, a journey that is the topic of an upcoming episode of MTV’s Real Life series, entitled, “I’m the Big Girl.”

Video preview follows.

Now that’s pretty cool. Good for her. Best of luck and keep on keepin’ on, Holly.

[H/T Game On!]