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‘Celebrity Rehab’ Roommate Says Dwight Gooden Poops A Lot

"I'm not kidding you. It was this big around."

You know your life isn’t going great when the frequency and odor of your bowel movements are the topic of discussion on a satellite radio program. Don’t believe me? Ask Dwight Gooden, who just suffered the indignity of having his proclivity for persistent pungent pooping addressed on Howard Stern’s radio show.

If you don’t follow reality show programs featuring washed-up celebrities halfheartedly dealing with their chemical dependency demons for publicity, first of all: good for you. Secondly, you probably were not aware that Dwight Gooden was a patient (contestant?) on season five of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, although I must add the term “celebrity” is used pretty liberally in the show’s title.

Gooden’s roommate, Jeremy Jackson (see what I mean?), who apparently appeared on Baywatch, was discussing his experiences on the show with Stern and here’s what he had to say about Gooden (transcribed by Hardball Talk’s Aaron Gleeman):

He poops a lot, that guy. I had to share a room with him. It was a very stinky room.

There you go. Dwight Gooden, everybody!

Dwight Gooden wasn’t a great “Celebrity Rehab” roommate [Hardball Talk]