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Writing A Post About Reggie Bush’s Photo Of His Fruity Pebbles: A Study

When I came across this photo that Reggie Bush uploaded earlier this morning of his well-balanced, nutritious breakfast, I was presented with the following conundrum:

Do I actually take the time to write a post bemoaning the fact that Reggie Bush actually believes anyone gives a rip about his morning bowl of Fruity Pebbles? Or does the act of writing this post simply lend credence to the theory that yes, in some sort of passive, mindless way, we – or at least me personally – actually do care about Reggie Bush’s Fruity Pebbles? Does complaining about his inane uploading a photo of a bowl, a box of Fruity Pebbles and a half-gallon of milk (2%, perhaps?) do more harm than good? Am I just a part of the problem by publicizing it? Would it do any good to just ignore crap like this when athletes attempt to keep us apprised of the most rudimentary, dull and boring aspects of their life? Maybe. Probably.

But I will tell you this: at least we can be grateful that he’s not uploading photos of his morning bowel movements. That would be taking it way too far, although I could see that scenario playing out eventually. “My Morning Stool! Check out this turd!”