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(Video) Wiener Dog Races At A Horse Track Go Exactly How One Would Expect

Ahh, look: they even wheeled out that starting gate thingy for these little wiener dogs. How adorable. This video from a couple of heats of the Wiener Dog Races at Canterbury Park in Shakopee, Minnesota, as mentioned above, goes just about how you would envision wiener dog racing to go: some dogs run around in circles, not knowing what the hell is going on, while other more competitive specimens run their mini little legs off to the finish line.

A side note: the guy doing the announcing is Paul Allen, the voice of the Minnesota Vikings (you may remember his call of Greg Lewis’ touchdown catch from Brett Favre against the 49ers as time expired during the 2009 season) and host of a morning sports radio talk show on KFAN in the Twin Cities, who moonlights as the announcer at Canterbury. I’m not sure, but it’s a safe bet – given how many times he says it – that Allen really enjoyed being able to say the word “wiener.”

Heh. Wiener. That’s funny.

[H/T RandBall]