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The City Of Pittsburgh To Honor Hines Ward For Winning On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Jeez Louise, this lockout better end soon, because if the fact that the city of Pittsburgh is actually staging a rally to pay tribute to Hines Ward’s thrilling victory on Dancing with the Stars is any indication, football fans are becoming so starved for NFL news or anything tangentially NFL-related that they’re are willing to latch on to just about anything to satisfy their fix.

“Ooh! Did you hear that James Harrison purchased a new water heater?”

“No, but that’s awesome! Is it one of those tankless ones?”

“I don’t know.”

Moving on, the rally, to be held Thursday in downtown Pittsburgh, is sure to be a hoot and a holler for DWTS-ophiles. Or the unemployed. Fans are encouraged to wear Steelers black and gold and bring along their Terrible Towels, but if you were to ask me, wouldn’t their finest dancing attire, say a sequined vest, be much more appropriate?

Via the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

The rally, featuring appearances by Ward and his dance partner, Kym Johnson, will be held in front of the City-County Building, 414 Grant St., Downtown.

“I am back to thank the city of Pittsburgh and Steelers Nation for all their support during DWTS,” Ward said in a statement. “I couldn`t have won the Mirror Ball Trophy without you and without the great coaching and choreography of my dance partner, Kym Johnson. I wanted to win this trophy for the City of Champions and for the greatest fans in the world.”

Yeah, I’m sure all diehard Steelers fans cannot wait to get a gander at that splendid little trophy. It’s right up there with franchise’s man Lombardi Trophies. Only fancier and so far removed from having anything to do with football I wonder why the average Steelers fan gives a rip about it and what’s the point of it all. Oh, I see: there’s going to be a dance contest, too. Time to boogie woogie, Steelers Nation!

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