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(Photo) Clearly, Darrelle Revis Doesn’t Quite Get The Whole Planking Craze

Yep, the NFL Lockout has caused stuff like this to become newsworthy. Sigh.

Now, I’m no planking aficionado, but even I can say with utmost confidence that this photo of New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis stretched out over an ottoman isn’t exactly a sterling example of what people generally consider to be planking. Technically, sure, this could be considered planking in a way, but the lack of inherent risk involved while performing the maneuver definitely knocks off a few style points from Revis’ attempt. But hey, I suppose we should give Revis credit for at least trying. It’s more than what I’m doing, then again, I’m not too keen on trying to keep up with what all the whippersnappers are up to, what with their crazy fads and newfangled crazes. Damn kids.

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