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Ozzie Guillen Impersonator Back With New ‘He’s A Great Book’: Today, ‘Of Mice And Men’

He’s a Great Book! with Ozzie Guillen — Of Mice and Men from Dan Bulla on Vimeo.

In late March, Chicago-based comedians Jasbir Singh and Dan Bulla came up with a fantastic idea for a comedy bit: “He’s A Good Book,” which features Ozzie Guillen reviewing and discussing classic literature. First up was The Great Gatsby and now they have delivered yet another gem as the Chicago White Sox manager discusses John Steinbeck’s (or as “Ozzie” calls him, “John Starbucks”) brilliant novel, Of Mice and Men.

There’s so much to enjoy with this video: the intro is fantastic with Ozzie participating in a little batting practice by taking some swings at books, but most of all, by I love how when he discusses the character Lennie, Ozzie describes him as a “big, slow, nice guy” and then promptly compares him to Jim Thome. Heh.

[H/T The Scores Report]