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(Video) Soccer Player Ejected After Referee Discovers ‘Intimate Body Piercing’

Well, ain’t that a kick in the junk, amirite? Actually, a kicked ball straight to the junk is what precipitated the unfortunate incident where soccer player Aaron Eccleston, who plays for the Old Hill Wanderers, an amateur club in Australia, was given two yellow cards and ultimately received a red card after a referee discovered that he had not removed in what reports are tastefully referring to as a “intimate” body piercing.” I think we all perfectly understand what they are getting at with that cleaned up reference, so no need to discuss it any further here.

Here’s how it played out: Eccleston, the team’s captain, was struck in the groin with the soccer ball during a match against Swinburne University in Melbourne. The shot to his bejeweled junk – ouch – left the soccer player writhing on the pitch in pain, where, according to an opponent, he proceeded to lower his shorts to “check that it was still there.” While performing the self-inspection, the referee noticed Eccleston had not removed the aforementioned genital jewelry before the match, violating a rule which prohibits any player from wearing anything, including jewelry, which could potentially be “dangerous to himself or another player.” Eccleston refused to remove his intimate body piercing, the referee summarily dismissed him. Yeesh.

The aftermatch of the incident was captured on video by a spectator. It follows.

ALERT: An f-bomb can be heard being uttered during the video. You have been warned.

Man, that’s just nuts, isn’t it? Be that as it may, the club acknowledged what occurred on its website and agreed it was handled appropriately by the referee (via The Guardian):

A statement on the club’s website said: “During the first half, our player was struck in the groin by the ball, and left the field to receive attention. At this point the referee became aware that he had a body piercing.

“He subsequently received two yellow cards, firstly for re-entering the field of play without the referee’s permission, and secondly for privacy reasons being unable to prove that he had removed the piercing.”

The club accepted the yellow cards had been issued “in accordance with the laws of football” and apologised to the referee for the “negative attention that may have been generated by this unfortunate event”.

Fair enough. I guess you could say all’s well that ends well. Except for this Eccleston chap. Now everybody knows he has a genital piercing, including his family members. Eccleston even addressed this unfortunate aspect of the sordid story on Twitter, adding, “I don’t think my mum’s going to be particularly happy!”


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